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Lissa Rankin
She’s a doctor who became so frustrated with only being alotted 7 1/2 minutes per patient, she decided to leave the medical field. But then felt called to return to help heal the healthcare system. She has a book coming out this spring entitled Mind Over Medicine, and she asserts that people can, in fact, heal themselves and that patients shouldn’t dump all responsibility on a doctor to “fix” them. She also says that if you are in a bad relationship or hate your job for instance, it doesn’t matter how much you exercise or eat healthy; if you don’t remove the things or relationships from your life that are making you sick in the first place, you won’t get better. This particular post I attached is about how we create our own health reality based on what we believe. I love her!



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  1. Thanks, Carrie. Great lead. Of course, the kinds of beliefs discussed requires honesty about ourselves. Quite difficult to achieve, I have observed, reliant to some degree on healthy brains. And here we run into a kind of circular problem, don’t we?

    • You’re right, Milton, this becomes a pretty complex issue. Many people have an unhealthy mindset which creates illness in their body in the first place. Mental health is definitely a topic that needs to come to the forefront.

  2. So, I’m thinking that your next calling in life is to open your own Ayurvedic practice. You would have so many of your yoga friends coming to see you for advice.

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