And my cleanse will begin… soon


Food3I’m going to be starting my Ayurvedic cleanse soon with Talya Lutzker (the fabulous gal who wrote “The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen,” see previous post “My Enemy and Pesto”). When I say “cleanse” that does not mean a fast. I’ve got plenty to eat, an abundance of recipes, I will just be eating all fresh, organic produce and whole grains. It’s technically a 7-day cleanse but after discussing with Talya, she thinks I should continue on for a few more weeks to clear up my skin issue, and she thinks the deeper set issue of malabsorption could take 6 months to a year to reverse. Yes, I said malabsorption. And yes, Talya has an understanding of what’s actually going on within my body. That, my friends, is an Ayurvedic Practitioner. Anyhow, back to the malabsorption. Did you know that just because you eat healthy foods, doesn’t mean you’re actually absorbing the vitamins and minerals? That’s the reason I get sick all of the time. So I’d like to give myself a big pat on the back for all of the time I’ve wasted making vegetable soups and brown rice the last few years. I could have been living on a steady diet of Twinkies and Cheetos and been none worse for wear.

Do you think that you can be healed just by eating the right food? Do you know that there are actually natural cures to cancer? Yes, you read that right. Not to poo all over the American Cancer Society or anything, but there are many cases of people who have recovered from cancer and other diseases naturally. There are different methods, but they all involve flooding the body with antioxidants, bringing much needed oxygen to the cells. One method involves juicing with organic produce all day in addition to eating organic produce. Another I’ve read about relies on inundating the body with pure, organic flaxseed oil.

Does all this sound crazy? Like something I just made up? Or read about on the internet? Well, I know someone who has actually done such a thing! I know a real, live person who had throat cancer and cured it himself by natural means! His name is Wade Mortenson and he lives here in Kansas City, teaching Ashtanga Yoga with his wife Kathleen at their studio, Maya Yoga.
Look at him! He’s the picture of health! So I’m thinking if Wade can do such an amazing thing, I can certainly get myself back on track. I’ve got my list of NO foods and all of my YES foods. I received my online order with special supplements and other hard to find items. I am optimistic that I will be healthier than ever when it’s all said and done. Here I go – blasting off into a state of pure, radiating health and glowing bliss!

But first…
Oh why not!? I won’t absorb it anyway, right?

OK, I thought it worthy of note here on the Journey to Self Healing, that after 1 1/2 cupcakes, I did, in fact, get a stomachache.


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