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Destined to Fail?


So I was sitting at my lunch table at work eating my steamed collard greens and a coworker sits down with his leftover burrito smothered in a creamy, gooey gringo cheese with juicy little chopped tomatoes on top, smelling like fulfillment and love. What an asshole. And why am I eating collard greens?! I don’t even like collard greens. I’ve given them a fair shot but the verdict is in – they’re barfy. I’m throwing the rest of the bunch away when I get home and I’m sticking to kale and swiss chard. And this green powder supplement I’m taking is absolutely disgusting. Maybe I’m using too much powder, but it tastes like liquified mushrooms in poop sauce. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’m not sure I’m going to persevere with this cleanse. I’ll keep you posted.